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Once you have made the strategic decision to acquire technology equipment to support the needs of your growing business, your next step is to find a business partner to help you tailor a leasing solution to meet your long-term operational and budgetary needs. Winmark Capital understands the challenges that businesses face today. We provide each of our customers with more than a financing solution
– we provide a true business partnership.

Financially Strong

We are financially strong, vendor independent, keenly focused on the needs of our customers and committed to retaining lease ownership. That foundation allows us to provide the highest quality customer service in the leasing industry.

A True Business Partnership

Whether you need to add new equipment or need to update existing technology, our team can structure an appropriate leasing program with the invaluable services and information you need to keep your business growing strong.

Why Lease?

Add. Upgrade. Change.

Never before have growing businesses had to manage more rapid changes in high-technology equipment. While enhanced technology certainly comes with advantages, budgeting and planning for equipment that will likely change tomorrow can be a business nightmare. That is why many executives decide to lease this type of equipment, rather than purchase it.

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What They Are Saying

“We view Winmark as part of our team. They are supportive, responsive and excel at what they do.”


Global Telecommunications Company


Today’s business environment is more challenging and unpredictable than ever – companies whose business and financial plans were manageable within a relatively narrow range of variability just 12 to 18 months ago are now faced with constantly changing business dynamics and unprecedented volatility. Companies of all sizes seek financial partners they can count on and are aware of the necessity to invest cash wisely. Winmark Capital provides flexible, responsive solutions tailored to your needs.

Large Enterprises

Larger companies, whose stability has traditionally been less affected by short-term changes in the economy, have seen dramatic changes in their businesses virtually overnight.

Middle Market

Middle market companies are perhaps the most affected and challenged by today’s economy.

Emerging Growth

Often private and/or venture capital backed, these businesses are now faced with challenges unimaginable in years past.