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Today’s business environment is more challenging and unpredictable than ever - companies whose business and financial plans were manageable within a relatively narrow range of variability just 12 to 18 months ago are now faced with constantly changing business dynamics and unprecedented volatility. Larger, well capitalized companies are re-examining long-standing practices that no longer address today’s rapidly changing business climate. Cost containment, improved efficiency, preservation of capital and resource optimization are critical to longer term success. Middle market companies are finding opportunities to utilize technology to take advantage of competitive weaknesses and exploit the market opportunities exposed by the changing economy. Their ability to remain flexible and responsive is of utmost importance. Younger, growing businesses, often backed by venture capital or private equity firms, are looking for creative ways to capitalize their businesses. They seek financial partners they can count on and are keenly aware of the necessity to invest cash wisely.

Large Enterprises

Larger companies, whose stability has traditionally been less affected by short-term changes in the economy, have seen dramatic changes in their businesses virtually overnight. These changes have forced larger companies to examine their business and consider every option and opportunity.

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Middle Market

Middle market companies are perhaps the most affected and challenged by today’s economy. Companies with sound balance sheets and proven business models find themselves facing an extraordinarily volatile business climate impacting every aspect of their enterprise.

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Emerging Growth

Often private and/or venture capital backed, these businesses are now faced with challenges unimaginable in years past. For even the most promising company, a stable business environment, reasonably foreseeable business challenges and a reliable supply of capital are distant memories.

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