Young Business

Emerging Growth

Often private and/or venture capital backed, these businesses are now faced with challenges unimaginable in years past. For even the most promising company, a stable business environment, reasonably foreseeable business challenges and a reliable supply of capital are distant memories. Younger, growing businesses need to deal with more uncertainty and significantly less visibility into short and long-term business results than ever before. They need to plan for change in every aspect of the organization; from reducing reaction time necessary to exploit market opportunities to the unique pressure associated with accelerating growth while preserving cash.

Benefits for Growing Companies:

  • Conserves Cash
  • Optimizes Capital Allocation
  • Positions the Company to React Quickly to Change
  • Extends Runway and Delay Dilution
  • Protects Against Obsolescence
  • More Cost-Effective than Additional Equity or Subordinated Debt
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