Add. Upgrade. Change.

Never before have growing businesses had to manage more rapid changes in high-technology equipment. While enhanced technology certainly comes with advantages, budgeting and planning for equipment that will likely change tomorrow can be a business nightmare. That’s why many executives decide to lease this type of equipment, rather than purchase it.

A simple rule of thumb followed by many is to purchase assets that are more likely to appreciate in value and to lease those that rapidly depreciate. Leasing can help you avoid large cash expenditures and provides the necessary flexibility to add, upgrade or change equipment as needed. A tailored leasing program backed by a strong financial partner can help provide higher operating efficiencies and sound financial management.

Need More Reasons?

Consider these leasing advantages:

Managing equipment obsolescence. With leasing, the risk that technology equipment will become obsolete is transferred to the leasing company. Leasing lets you deploy the necessary technology when and where it is needed to achieve your business objectives.

Flexibility. With new technologies flooding the market, your business is continually presented with new opportunities to improve operations. At Winmark Capital, we offer flexible lease terms that help you take maximum advantage of these technologies when the time is right.

Capital Conservation. Leasing offers you a way to keep your equipment up-to-date while minimizing the impact on your financial resources. When your business is no longer tied to rapidly depreciating equipment, cash, working capital and lines of credit remain available for other capital needs and strategic opportunities.

Tax advantages. With an operating-type lease, rental payments made are a tax-deductible expense. Plus, as your leasing company, Winmark Capital is responsible for invoice reconciliation, payments to suppliers and determination and payment of applicable property, use and sales taxes on your behalf.

Budget Control. With a well-structured flexible lease, forecasting and monitoring your company’s budget is simplified. In addition, you can upgrade or modify equipment at any time during your lease while minimizing the impact on your operating costs.

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