Winmark Capital is a national high-technology equipment leasing company with experience in a number of industries including technology, business services, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, biotechnology, retail and hospitality, insurance, financial services and others.

Software as a Service Companies

Services businesses, including technology based businesses and those that support the delivery of products and services over the Internet, are constantly working to improve efficiency, increase market penetration and utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage. These organizations recognize that flexibility and efficiency is critical to their long-term success. A customized leasing program that includes everything from servers to complex communication networks meets the needs of these dynamic companies.

Manufacturing and Distribution

From logistics systems to warehouse automation, a tailored leasing solution is vital to manufacturing and distribution companies and their ability to control costs and improve quality. Having a financially-sound, independent leasing partner with the proven ability to accommodate a wide variety of technology equipment implementations helps these companies thrive in an increasingly competitive worldwide marketplace.


Healthcare organizations, including hospitals, medical device companies and biotechnology companies require administrative support and flexibility as they implement technology to satisfy their unique business needs. From the multitude of vendors and emerging technologies involved to the ever changing regulatory environment, planning for IT related needs well into the future is a constant challenge. Matching a leasing solution to the unique needs and cash flow requirements of the organization is paramount to these companies’ ability to navigate an exciting yet unpredictable future.

Retail and Hospitality

Critical systems, including inventory control, logistics, merchandising, CRM and others enable the leaders in these business segments to increase market share in highly competitive, constantly changing markets. When supported by responsiveness and flexibility, the benefits of a customized leasing solution become a key component of their operational and strategic plan. The ability to accommodate everything from short-term leases to seasonal leasing structures offers great benefit to these companies.

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